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Aria says “MaMa” now. (Yeah!) And while she uses both “MaMa” and “DaDa” throughout the day and in a variety of settings, she seems to also be assigning meaning to the words, often saying “DaDa” just as Keith walks into the room and “MaMa” when she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry and in need of a cuddle.


Author: moogielight

I'm a stay-at-home homebirthing, VBACing, breastfeeding mama, advocate and sometimes artist, sometimes web designer. We are located on the East Coast (but long for the West Coast) where we try to live simply, playing with natural toys, eating organic, vegetarian foods and using our imaginations and creativity as much as possible. I knit and I'm in the process of learning to sew so I can make (or at least attempt to make) many of the items we need and use and want to surround us.

2 thoughts on “Words

  1. That is so sweet! Can’t wait to hear those sweet sounds! M:)M (alias g’ma)

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