Aria’s First Halloween

This year for Halloween Aria dressed up as a Ladybug (thanks, Grandma!). Yes, the bright, spotted ladybug is truly a male bug, but this just added to the mystery and wonder of her costume. (Actually, it seems that boys don’t dress as ladybugs and for once, no one mistook our little lady for a boy.)We began the season with a Halloween party made up of new parents and their little ones, all decked out in their holiday best. It was Aria’s first party EVER and probably the first party her parents’ have attended since she was born (it’s hard to remember, really). We had a great time! Aria was asleep when we got there, but awoke shortly thereafter and mingled (albeit a bit groggily) with the other babies and parents.

Partying baby style

On Halloween night, we attended “Hilloween” – an annual Capitol Hill Halloween festival for area kids and featuring such treats as face painting, a moon bounce and free cider. Geared mainly toward the older kids, there were still plenty of young ones milling about, parents in tow. Costumes abounded, with everything from an adorable 2-year-old Princess Leia to bears and Tiggers, oh my.

At “Hilloween” 2007

Little Ladybug & her good friend Tigger
(Tigger is just 4 days older than the Bug)


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