Fake Coughs & Raspberries

This week in Aria sports…

Each day seems to bring something new to Aria’s repertoire. This week she’s mimicking like crazy and as such, is learning new sounds almost daily. There’s the fake cough (I taught her that) and the raspberry (courtesy of Dad). Then there’s the raspberry with her tongue sticking out (a Mom-Dad hybrid), currently in development. These are in addition to the babbling sounds (“ya ya ya ya ya ya ya”). She gets “stuck” on a sound for a day or so, fake coughing or raspberry-ing whenever she makes eye contact or to get attention, practicing each sound until it’s perfect and she’s able to do it with both ease and passion.

In addition to sounds, the lady’s getting more mobile. Not quite crawling yet, Aria scoots forward like an inchworm – sticking her butt in the air and pushing with her feet, her head and belly on the ground. A bit slow, but effective none the less, especially when teamed with a couple rolls this way or that to move her to the left or right.


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