Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

At 5:20 AM this morning Aria Grace rolled over from her back to her belly! She finally was able to get that offending arm (see previous post) out of the way and up onto both hands, holding up her head and chest. I can’t say she was thrilled to find herself in that position as there was a whole lot of grunting going on. But for the next hour she continued to roll over whenever finding herself on her back. (It was a bit early – and dark – for pix, but hope to capture her in action soon.)

Two hours later, another developmental milestone…Aria took the pacifier out of her mouth, then put it back in! I read somewhere that most babies aren’t able to put a pacifier back in the mouth until around 6 months; if that’s the case, she’s well ahead of schedule.

Add these developments to the now frequent grabbing of the feet on the changing table, the evolving sucking of the thumb (from the occasional thumb in the mouth while all other fingers covered her face and poked her eyes, to the now purposeful thumb-in-mouth with the rest of the fist closed) and the growth spurt that has jutted our baby into larger sizes and I’m suddenly realizing why parents always say “It goes so fast.” This morning’s mobility development seized me with a moment of panic: “She’s moving! Quick, child-proof the apt! Any minute she’ll be crawling, no running, through the house!” Perhaps a little premature, but with all the changes of the past 3 months, it really doesn’t feel like it.


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