15 Weeks Today

Each moment with our little lady is better than the last. Aria smiles easily now and giggles, too. Other recent accomplishments include:

– Learning to play with us, i.e., reaching her hands into our mouths and waiting for us to pretend-bite

– Starting to roll over from her back to her belly. She pretty much has it down, but gets one arm stuck under her that keeps her from getting all the way over. If we help out a bit she can get up onto her hands, holding her head and chest way up off the bed. Yesterday she stayed that way for quite a bit, then toppled over with a decent thud. She looked a little shocked, but Dad and I played it off and soon she was smiling again.

– Reaching a lot – for us from her crib or bassinet or the arms of the other parent, for a toy hanging above or lying beside her

– Plays with the little rolling crab and starfish on the musical aquarium that attaches to her crib


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